University Transcription Services

University Transcription Services

University Transcription Services

TranscriptionStar is the premier organization and It is providing transcription services for all kind of business entity especially all universities. Transcription star has been helping all kind of universities for their transcription needs over a decade. Our University transcripts are more accurate and timely.

TranscriptionStar is the first organization that provides dissertation transcription with friend referral offer. We are offering up to 20% discounts as a referral offer for your every transcription orders. For further contact call our toll free no +1877-323-4707.


Automatic transcript failure

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Hi, Everybody, This is the solid evidence of automated video transcript failure. We know YouTube and other video platforms have added automated video transcript features in their website. It can recognize voices in videos and display them in to text. But most of the peoples have doubt about whether the automated transcript feature is working correctly or not. Majority of the people have seen that before the automated transcript failure in YouTube and some other sites.

However, This is the solid evidence for automated video transcript failure in YouTube. Human can do anything better than machine.

Six magic points for your podcast

podcasting is one of the most fastest growing sector in the world. In earlier, Podcasting was very difficult one because of the limited number of apps were available in the market. But nowdays, Due to Technology growth, There are plenty of podcating apps can help podcaters to record their podcast easily. Some extent some of the apps is having the facility to record the podcasts online and allow users to upload immediately in to podcast directories.

Besides, There are several number of podcating directories are available in online like itunes, blog talk radios, it can access your podcast just using the web feed. Whenever You can download your podcast using the feed for any of your business purpose. For instance, If you need podcast transcription services for your recording. You can download your podcast from these directories.

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