Can transcripts really help a video fare better?

Opinions are clearly divided on this one. While some feel transcripts are unnecessary there are others like John Lewis who’d fiercely argue otherwise. Working with a video production company he found that adding transcripts to client’s videos made them look and rank better. “We offer video seo services also and find transcripts an easy way to gain traction in the search engine landscape” he smiles.

1300 words that can make a difference

According to a recent research an average video consists of around 1300 words. Most of them can be important keywords or search terms that people use. A missing transcript could mean missed visitors as well. Apart from the intimidating task of typing, what puts most people of is that text can be distracting.

After aiming for that perfect shot for over an hour you don’t want a caption diverting the attention of the viewer. That is why transcripts are a better option. Like a helpful crew that slogs behind the scenes a transcript can help increase the traffic and understandability of your video without hogging much space.

Writers block?

You sit down to blog about your video and help promote it on social networking sites, and not a word comes to mind. A transcript is an easy way to create blog posts and share it on other spaces such as Pinterest. Downloading a video can be a little intimidating, especially if you don’t have the time or bandwidth for it. A video transcript is easier to view and help people make a quick mental note of your video.

Oops I don’t understand a word

We’ve all gone through this frustration sometime or the other. It could be horrific audio quality, a headphone that doesn’t work or an accent we cannot get a hang of. Opting for a transcript pretty much has you covered.

Call up a video transcription services provider are take a little time off to type yourself, but don’t forget a neat little video transcript the next time you upload your video.


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