Simple ways to fix video recording hitches in Skype

What do you do when your video recording hits a rough spot? When suddenly in the midst of a conference or interview, you are staring at a blank screen or can just hear unintelligible static? Most of us would be flummoxed. But when you are recording with Skype it is usually simple and easy to fix up the problem areas as it is one of the most uncomplicated software’s around.

Restart, yes, it can be as simple as that

All of us have been taught to restart our computers when something is amiss. And almost all of us never do! It seems too archaic a thing to do. But when you are facing trouble with remote recording rebooting your pc can more often than not solve the problem.

Reinstall, is usually helps

Reinstalling Skype and the recording tool you use is another simple way to weather recording storms. It acts as a magic fix and doesn’t take too long either. Instead of fretting and picking up the call to blast customer care take a minute to reinstall and most of the times it works out just fine.

Run regular scans

If you are recording video calls over Supertintin, install the free Supertintin-setup.exe and scan your system to spot errors. Running regular registry scans can help detect and avoid recording glitches before they happen.

Wait a little while longer

In a flurry of excitement don’t start recording right away. Most people don’t even check if their Skype status is online. After opening Skype it is advisable to wait for a minute or two before opening your recording software. It will give your system time to load your settings and also save your comp from hanging. Take a sip of coffee before starting to record as well. The few seconds you invest prior to recording can save you hours of time wasted on making calls to customer care!

Clear out the clutter

Downloading, uploading, running programs and chatting with your friend on Facebook is certainly not going to help you record on even keel. The stops and stutters are usually to do with doing too many things at once. Stop all activity that demands hard disk space and bandwidth while recording.


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One thought on “Simple ways to fix video recording hitches in Skype

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