Wonder what helped the small business next door?

Video transcript of this video below…

They’ve been there for ages. The small and cozy restaurant and the audio recording studio, down the lane. But there seems to be an unmistakable buzz around them now! Chances are they’ve jumped onto the video bandwagon. Acres of print have been dedicated to how videos can put small businesses in the radar and increase footfall.

We explore a few tactics to help make videos that can garner attention and increase those calls to your number!

Explain what you do

A lot of videos concentrate more on trying to prove that they’re the best in the field and forget that viewers may not know what they do. Avoid store bought employees. The tackiest thing to do is to put up a picture or video clip of people who don’t work for you. It can kill interest and authenticity. To look real and warm add a few shots of your company and maybe sound-bites from your chirpy intern. Being real is the surest way of gaining trust and standing out.

Have a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel for your company can work wonders! It is easy to create and all your videos are in one place. It can come across as more professional, organized and help people to follow your updates easily. Prominent links to your webpage and sharing your videos on every social media platform available can also help.

Have snappy testimonials

Nobody likes to go through a testimonial that goes on and on. Video testimonials are effective but looooong testimonials can make people wonder whether it is for real. Have short testimonials of your clients. Shooting it at different locations can make it more realistic and interesting.

Word power

Get online video transcription and caption for your videos. It has more staying power than voice overs or audio clips. To retain attention and make people stay a little longer, caption your videos. Using cute animated characters is also a nice way to draw attention. Just make sure you add attractive pop on captions to make your video professional, well packaged and search engine friendly.


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