How to create sizzling videos.

online video transcription For the video below..

Sizzle reels are hot on the circuit. Documentary makers, business owners and online video marketers find sizzle reels the easiest way to plug their ware. But, most of them seem to have lost the plot. It is usually a collage of the best shots and moments in a video. But a demo reel can be a lot more than that. And it isn’t tough to figure out the factors that can grab attention and make it a cool promotional tool.

All things beautiful

Compromising on quality and convincing anybody who cares to listen that a video with great content is sure to top popularity charts, is a recipe for disaster. To stop people from quitting or straining to understand what’s in your video, focusing on visual and audio quality is important. As it less than ten minutes you have to create an impact investing in the best possible equipments is essential. Grab a high end camcorder, use eye catching graphics and ensure your audio is high quality.

Careful with what you pick and choose

Promo videos give a lot of creative space. You can pick from a whole range of media. But too much of a good thing can only spoil the whole video and make it look like a desperate attempt. As a rule of thumb, snappy video clips and easy-on-the-eye textual effects should do. If you are presenting statistical data, animated transitions or graphical effects, can make the most boring bar graph look interesting.

A call to action peppered with ingenuity

A lot many sizzle videos, forget in all that excitement that a call to action is necessary. If it is a video for a documentary or online video, don’t take the audience out of the moment. It should be a quick and attractive snapshot of what’s in store. For promotional videos for businesses use a big and prominently positioned button that says “click to know more” or “download now”. The more direct and persuasive a call to action is, the more the number of people who are going to take the next step.

A word or two…

You’ve heard people telling that text is boring and distracting. But when you don’t have all the time in the world to explain, short, snappy captions or online video transcription can help. Agreed, too much of text can be a bit of a bore, but no text at all means you need to have a killer audio and someone with a voice like Justin Beiber to keep people hooked.


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