Add a dash of text to create engaging video podcasts

Most video podcasters spend every waking moment wondering what could make their podcast more engaging and easily searchable. With so many podcasts doing the rounds it takes every effort and a little something to make podcast that click. While we have no idea what that little something is, adding text is one ingredient that can make your podcast spicier.

Isn’t text distracting?

This is a question that video podcasters are often posed with. You certainly don’t want your audience to take their eyes of those beautiful shots, so painstakingly created. But, sigh! the key point is whether people understand what you intended to convey. When it comes to instructional or DIY video podcasts, a subtitle can be invaluable.

And though all of us would love to believe that we have neutral accents that can be understood by a hip Californian and also by a mid school teacher in Japan, it is almost always a wishful dream. Subtitling or captioning podcasts can help you cast a wider net and be understood across different accents and time zones.

Subtitles or video transcriptions, the better choice…

Opinions are divided. Most podcasters opt for transcripts as subtitles can fight for attention from the viewer. A transcript below the video can help people scroll through the podcast content. It also comes in handy while commuting or having a noisy toddler at home. And there is always the added advantage of becoming a search engine darling.

No matter how much attention and time you spend on your title tags and Meta tags, a podcast video transcription can help you rank effortlessly for long tail keywords that people are most likely to use.

Go ahead and add a spoonful of text to create a wining recipe for your video podcasts!


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